Conference Theme

  1. Land Resource Management and Environment
    a. Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013
    b. Role of Socio Economic Factors in management of land resources
    c. Waste Dumping and land degradation :Legal issues and challenges
  2. Water Resources Management and Environment
    a. The Interlinking of Rivers in India: Problems and Prospects
    b. The prospects of Rain water harvesting in India
    c. Interstate water disputes and legislative provisions
    d. Issues related to Pollution and Protection of Water Resources
  3. Forest Resources Management and Environment
    a. The pros and cons of use of Forest as Carbon sinks
    b. The Role of Indian Judiciary in protecting forests
    c. Rights of Forest Dwellers, Clean Development Mechanism, Afforestation and Re-afforestation
    d. Role of the Government in protecting forests
  4. Biodiversity and Environment
    a. Biodiversity and IPR – Bio-piracy
    b. Joint Management of Bio diversity: State-People’s Management – ‘Prior Informed Consent of Indigenous people’
    c. Judicial Intervention for conservation of Bio Diversity
  5. Energy and Environment
    a. Renewables in India: Potential and Prospects
    b. Clean Energy
    c. Power Sector Reforms
  6. Role of National Green tribunal in Resource management.