Objectives and Aims

  • The Centre for Environmental Protection aims to serve as nodal centre in the field of Environmental Law by promoting, encouraging and initiating research related to the different environment related issues including analyzing the various laws along with factual reality related with environmental protection. To achieve this aim the centre will emphasis and focus on the following areas:
  • Analysing the public policies and their implementation in the field of environmental law.
  • To collaborate with the different stake holders for the research and environment awareness.
  • To promote, support and assist education and personal training program designed to enhance environmental information processing and utilization capabilities.
  • To coordinate with students and faculty participation in the environmental studies program that has connected and collaborative learning as a central goal.
  • Along with research activities the centre proposes to conduct various theme based activities on Environment protection and sustainability and it will work in coordination ECO CLUB of ILNU.

The centre aims to achieve the above mentioned objectives with R.A.A.E.T. approach Implementation of objectives: An approach R.A.A.E.T.

  1. Research activities;
  2. Awareness initiatives;
  3. Advocacy for Environment protection;
  4. Environmental Education; and
  5. 5.Training in the field;